Lauri King

Lauri King

Project Manager: Folio Online

Radio Active

Lauri grew up in a bilingual household and, driven by her passion for languages, obtained a BA Hons in Translation Studies, a Post-graduate Certificate in Education and a Post-graduate Diploma in Translation from Stellenbosch University. When Lauri is not busy managing voices and translating for the Folio Group, or overseeing the operation of InterTel, she likes to spend her time cooking, hiking and catching a few waves.

Languages: Afrikaans, English

Favourite word/phrase: So reg soos ’n roer. (As right as rain.)

Secret superpower: Multitasking. Lauri’s ability to juggle complex tasks whilst maintaining a calm demeanour has astonished her colleagues from day one.

The thing that I love most about my job is: Working with a large number of talented freelancers, actors and voice-over artists.

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