Bianco Levendal -

Bianco Levendal

Bianco Levendal

Executive Assistant

Handy Sandy

Bianco, who was born in Ravensmead, wanted to become a mechanic when she was young. Life, however, took her in another direction and by overcoming a lot of obstacles, she ended up at Folio. She was raised by her grandmother and currently lives with her mother and three children. In her spare time, Bianco loves singing, watching soaps like 7de Laan and Scandal and reading romance and detective novels.

Bianco has high expectations for the future and is determined to make her dream of owning her own coffee shop a reality.

Languages: Afrikaans, English

Favourite word/phrase: Ai, tog! (Good grief!)

Secret superpower: Making untidiness vanish in a flash – no sweat!

The thing I love most about my job is: Everything!

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