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Search Engine Optimisation

Folio Online - Search Engine Optimisation - Subtitles

A website’s searchability and its relevance to Google and other search engines are the criteria that lead to success. Many older websites are attractive and well-designed with excellent content but are almost invisible to search engines.

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Search Engine Optimisation is a type of editing that ensures that certain keywords – the words that potential visitors to your site are most likely to type into search engines – are incorporated into the text. This improves the site’s relevance to a particular topic by search engines and search bots, which will then move it up in the rankings.

Our SEO service entails keyword incorporation based on your field of expertise, ensuring frequent inclusion of these keywords throughout your website. Page structure and design can also be optimised for maximum SEO impact.

By keeping abreast of developments within online search algorithms, the power of the latest search technology can be harnessed. Current examples of this include co-citation and co-occurrence, which are tools to enhance your website’s recognition factor so that it is accessible to the top search engines.