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Editing and Proofreading Services

Folio Online - Services - Editing and Proofreading


Folio offers editing and proofreading in all languages on our list. Most assignments fall into the light editing or proofreading category. A proficient, native speaker of the language scrutinises the text for spelling or grammatical errors, mistranslations or missing text. We strongly recommend proofreading after translation by a second translator or independent proofreader in languages other than Afrikaans and English. The latter are spoken fluently by our project managers who will proofread the text after translation at no additional cost.


A ‘heavy edit’ is required in cases where the text has to be adapted to a certain target market. Folio’s experienced editors can assist when you need to update or adjust your copy to meet new requirements.

Post-DTP proofreading

By using Folio’s post-DTP proofreading service for translated text, your copy and layout will be flawless before you commit to printing, or ‘going live’ – even if the copy is in a language you don’t quite understand.

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Typesetting and DTP for multilingual assignments

Skilled adaptation is required for multilingual assignments in which the artwork for packaging or an advertisement, e-brochure or website must be used for text in various languages. Problems can occur in the synergy between artwork and text if the language of origin is written in a Latin alphabet from left to right, but some of the destination languages are written in a different font or in the opposite direction, or vice versa. For example, if English copy is translated into Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, or Chinese, the new text cannot simply be inserted into an existing layout.