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Typical promotional and educational projects include corporate videos and documentaries, audio visuals, interactive voice responses (IVRs), training material, radio and TV commercials.

Our team of experienced voice-over artists will deliver audio in many different languages, in any accent, tone or mood that is required.

In addition to providing a choice of various male and female artists, spanning a range of age groups, accents and styles, we offer creative services. These include transcreation (adaptation or rewriting a script for new purposes or time slots), scriptwriting, translation, script editing and voice direction. We always ensure that your script fits the designated recording time.

Remote voice direction can be arranged for recordings in foreign countries. In these instances, we invite an expert in the specified language to direct the recording via a computer, ISDN or telephone link.

Production specialists are available for voice coaching or to direct recordings in-studio. Sound technicians, actors and sound effects require supervision by experienced professionals in order to yield the best possible results.

Voice artist specialisation areas:

  • Radio, TV and cinema commercials
  • Corporate AVs and training videos
  • IVRs and voice prompts
  • Sound effects for video games
  • Audio books
  • E-learning tutorials
  • Dubbing


Please contact

Caro van Aardt at caro@foliotranslations.com for more information or for assistance in sourcing a particular language or voice artist.

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