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Audio & Video Transcribing

Contact Folio to have your recording of a meeting, interview, disciplinary hearing, arbitration proceeding or any type of verbal exchange accurately transcribed.

What’s more, Folio specialises in fast turnaround and subsequent translation of the dialogue that has been transcribed. Have a look at some of the transcription services offered below:

To discuss your transcription requirements:

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Professional Transcription Services in South Africa

Our experienced transcribers have an ear for accents and are skilled at using professional transcription hardware and software to facilitate the rendering of audio recordings into text.

We have a bank of sound technology that accommodates CDs or audio files in all known video/audio formats.

All our transcriptions can be time-coded, making it easy for you to find the corresponding section of the recording when reviewing the transcript.

There are still some things only humans can do. Speech recognition software is unable to distinguish between different accents, dialects, and languages whereas humans can and are thus able to provide a better-tailored experience for each individual’s needs. Transcriptions are necessary for so many scenarios.

Types of Transcription: