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Our interactive voice bank allows you to explore sample recordings from some of our top voice-over artists and actors. Our stable of talent is growing all the time, enabling us to find the perfect voice and style for your specific needs.

Sample recordings can be arranged for clients who would like to hear clips of specific scripts in advance of making final selections. Alternatively we can arrange for certain voice artists to provide sample recordings in different moods, such as serious, dramatic or comic.

The Folio Group does not give permission for samples and/or recorded products of our voice-over artists to be used as training data for any form of AI technology or software to replicate and/or synthesise voices.

If you would like to be added to our database of voice-over artists, please complete the form below and attach a recent sample clip.

Please contact Lize Spies at lize.spies@folio-online.co.za
for more information or for assistance in sourcing a particular language or voice artist.