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In order for films, TV shows and video content to be economically viable in an increasingly global market, they must cater for as wide an international audience as possible. Hence the need for audio-visual translation, typically in the form of subtitles in many different languages.

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Subtitles are dialogue that appears at the bottom of a screen as the dialogue is spoken. They may be direct in the same language (captions) or translations. Closed captions take this a step further, including brief descriptions of sounds to accommodate people who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Surtitles are translated lyrics or dialogue projected above a stage, or displayed on a screen at theatre productions and operas. In all cases, captions must be accurate and rendered in easily readable text.

Folio’s trained mother-tongue linguists are experienced in this specialised field and use Subtitle Edit and Subtitle Workshop to ensure perfectly synchronised dialogue and subtitles, delivering high quality SRT files with timecodes. Understanding the nuances of conversation is very important in direct audio translation and this is where sophisticated language skills are indispensable. Folio also offers subtitle revision and script translation for the creation of subtitles.

With clients ranging from local and international production companies and broadcasters to game developers, Folio’s skilled team offers a cost-effective solution for film, television, social media, internal business use and many other channels.

Voice-overs, whereby an actor’s voice is added to a film or television programme or used to replace the existing voice in another language, is closely related to subtitling. To find out more about voice-overs, please visit our Voices page.