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In order for films and TV series to be economically viable, they must cater to a global marketplace. Hence the need for subtitles in many different languages.

Subtitles are transcriptions of dialogue and action for motion pictures, sometimes in the original language and often in translation. Subtitles must be accurate and rendered in easily readable text.

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Folio’s trained experts in this specialised field use high-tech software such as Subtitle EditSubtitle Workshop and Aegisub to ensure perfect synchronisation of spoken dialogue and subtitles. Understanding the nuances of conversation is very important and this is where sophisticated language skills come to the fore.

With clients ranging from local and foreign production companies and broadcasters to international game developers, we offer a cost-effective solution for film, television, internal business use and many other channels.

Dubbing is closely related to subtitling, whereby an actor’s voice in a film, television or radio ad is replaced by another voice in another language. To find out more about dubbing, please visit our Voices page.

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