Kaylin Ahnie

Position: Project Manager: Folio Online

Armed with an MA in theoretical translation from Stellenbosch University and little else, Kaylin applied to work at Folio Online because the website was written in Comic Sans.
Only after beginning her 84-year probation did she learn about all the incredible work Folio does to facilitate communication all across Africa and the whole wide world. Now the resident Otaku, Kaylin is passionate about all things comic translation and cartoon localisation. When not pondering pedantic language laws, Kaylin can be found translating poetry or traversing the ever-finer line between Canon and fanon.

Languages: English, Afrikaans, South African Sign Language (very little bit)

Favourite word/phrase: “I’ll make brownies!”

Secret superpower: Generate enough nervous energy to render Eskom obsolete.

The thing that I love most about my job is: Seeing the full spectrum of language in action and the innumerable ways communication can be facilitated.