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Folio provides consecutive, simultaneous, telephone and video remote interpreting services.

Conventions, all types of meetings, seminars and presentations, live and via Skype or any of the online conference platforms, are a familiar part of the landscape of modern global businesses, interest groups and education.

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When these are attended by members of various language groups, an interpreter is essential to streamline communication, thereby ensuring mutual comprehension. Instant telephonic interpreting is offered by Folio – for more on this specialised service, go to our InterTel page. Interpreting is not something that can be done by amateurs. Experienced interpreters are able to think on their feet so as to manage fast-paced communication, especially while doing simultaneous interpreting. An interpreter who understands the intricacies and nuances of both languages is vital when the stakes are high, as is the case when groups of specialists and decision-makers convene to discuss important issues. Over and above instant telephonic interpreting, the main categories of interpreting services are:

The Different Types of Interpreting:

Simultaneous: Real-time interpreting, in which the listener is provided with an earpiece, through which one of our fully bilingual, professional interpreters will provide real-time interpretation of a speech, presentation or meeting.

Consecutive: Generally used in smaller settings, such as business meetings with fewer than five participants, our consecutive interpreters will listen to points being made and interpret on completion. This reduces potential confusion, as only one person talks at a time.

VRI (Video Remote Interpreting): Ask us about interpreters for your workshop, seminar or conference on Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp Video or Zoom.