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At Folio, we thrive on the challenge of facilitating cross-cultural communication for our clients. For nearly three decades, we have delivered professional translation services, building experience, networks and systems along the way. Our language specialists are committed to providing top-quality and consistent translation services on time.


Folio Online Services Transcriptions


Transcribing is a laborious task if you lack the necessary experience and equipment. Not only that, but it needs to be done in a quiet environment without too many interruptions. This is why outsourcing transcriptions makes sense, freeing up secretarial staff to continue with their normal duties.


Folio Online Services Voice-Overs


Markets and minds are increasingly reached via audio and audiovisual (AV) broadcasts these days as digital content replaces print media.

Folio’s Voices department introduces clients to talented actors and voice-over artists in many different languages. We offer a comprehensive, end-to-end service so as to ensure successful productions that meet international standards of professionalism.


Folio Online Services Editing Proofreading

Editing & Proofreading

Any company that takes pride in its professional image will go to great lengths to ensure that all written material, whether it be for a website, brochure or blog, is 100% free of spelling or grammatical errors.


Folio Online Services Localisation


The richness of cultural diversity means that words, expressions and idioms can carry completely different meanings in different regions. Localisation services ensure that a message in its entirety will not be offensive to, or cause misunderstanding by, the target market.



Folio is well-positioned to meet the language service needs of the film industry. Filmmakers from Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood have discovered that Cape Town is a fantastic destination to shoot films in studio and on location. Moreover, the South African movie industry is growing in stature with a burgeoning demand for language services.


Folio Online Services Copywriting


Our skills in copywriting and translating for advertising and marketing are in frequent demand. From concept right through to implementation, Folio can source copywriters with the right background for your project. Offering a wealth of commercial experience, our copywriters are on call to help you achieve your advertising and marketing goals.



Folio Online Services Interpreting


The demand for qualified, professional interpreters has grown exponentially during recent years. South Africa has evolved into a major conference destination boasting international conference centres in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. Smaller conference venues are to be found in many scenic locations throughout the country.

Folio’s team of independent interpreters has expanded to meet the needs of the conference industry, offering the full spectrum of interpreting services in 37 languages, including South African Sign Language (SASL).


Search Engine Optimisation

Your website deserves to appear at the top of the rankings when potential clients are trying to find your business. SEO copywriting is the process whereby your website’s text is aligned to the key search terms for your industry, resulting in top performance in the Google rankings.   


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