Lady Vernacular

Lize Spies

Senior Project Manager: Folio Online

Lize grew up in Malmesbury, in the heart of the Swartland, and obtained a BA in Humanities and a Postgraduate Diploma in Translation from Stellenbosch University. After working in stakeholder communications for almost four years, she joined Folio as project manager and currently manages Folio InterTel. When Lize is not correcting is’s and ares, she enjoys listening to music (and singing along!), going to the theatre, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Languages: Afrikaans & English

Favourite word/phrase: Ek kan nie deal nie!

Secret superpower: Exceptional attention to detail, remembering names and faces, and the ability to pull off any shade of red lipstick.

The thing that I love most about my job is: Knowing that the work we do and the services we offer have a significant influence, not only in people’s professional lives, but also for them personally.